We go mushroom hunting!

We go mushroom hunting!

It is time for inktober 2022!

This is my very first time participating so I have decided to start easy and pick my own theme to follow through the month. Just a reminder, inktober is about drawing every day of October on selected themes.

For my first challenge and for the entire month, I chose : the enchanted forest.

I started with mushrooms for day 1. I had fun with just lining forms and did not care about colors or shadows.

Then, I did a couple more and I was happy with the result. I am not really a mushroom person so I am not familiar with how many different exist and what they look like. I just went with what I know and kept in mind it was the first day and a first Inktober so no pressure.

In the end, I wanted to creat something more interesting than just a bunch of mushroom and I aimed at something more personal as well. That's why I had the idea of a small character with a muchroom hat. Let's not forget the main theme.

I was not home that day so I did not have much material. I had to deal with what was on my desk which was just a piece of paper and a simple pencil.

Next ones should have a better quality.